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AmeriCorp is a diversified American-based group of companies with decades of experience in the region of the Americas (inclusive of North, Central & South America and the CARICOM region), having been founded in the USA in 1917. We comprise a broad portfolio of market-leading businesses, which represent a combination of cash generating activities and long-term property assets that are closely aligned to the increasingly prosperous consumers of the region.

Our Philosophy


Principled leadership, a long-term perspective, innovative thinking and a commitment to mutual growth inspire us. They also underpin our businesses which provide products, services, and experiences that impact the lives of many millions every day. These values also apply in our workspaces, where we strive to provide positive, safe working environments. We are also committed to improving communities through programmes that make a difference in environmental stewardship, education, mental health and more.


Our Operations


Across the Group of companies, our 450,000 employees, independent contractors, consultants and advisors cohesively work globally, in a wide range of businesses in major sectors including motor vehicles and related operations, real estate property investment and development, biotechnology, engineering and construction, AI robotics, financing services, intelligence services & digital security, mining, energy and oil & gas production and trading.


Where we operate

We operate principally in the region known as 'the Americas', where our subsidiaries and affiliates can leverage and tap our vast experience, expertise, networks, and long-standing relationships in the region. Our goal is to help Group companies achieve sustainable growth over the long term by providing financial and other resources.


A belief in the Limitless Possibilities of our teams of experts, professional operators, our staff, our leadership and our consultants & advisors has set us on a path to excellence in every sector we participate in and seek to add value to. "Can't" is not in our vocabulary and failure is not an option

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